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Discover  the smartest, friendliest robots on the block

We were promised  robots everywhere. Where are they?

Today's businesses need robots that 1) address labor shortages 2) engage in new ways with customers 3) provide consistent 24/7 service.

However, companies that want to realize top and bottom-line benefits of robotics often lack in-house expertise.

Even robotics startups are overwhelmed by the difficulty of building highly complex machines, that must operate reliably in the real world.

Blue Iguana Robotics offers B2B solutions that improve your probability of success by providing tested solutions for the real world.


Let's Get Social

Blue Iguana's state of the art chatbot technology and audio processing connects your robots to your customers in new and powerful ways.

Social intelligence tracks  customer interactions, addresses problems and provides actionable real-time analytics.

Rock solid connectivity and computing solutions

We start with building the best computation infrastructure.  Seamlessly move from onboard, to edge to cloud computation depending on QoS of local networks.

Dynamically balanced performance and costs using proprietary algorithms.


Let's not get stuck in a dead-end

Blue Iguana Robotics solves the business problems that hold geniuses back from realizing their visions by providing a hand-curated selection of solutions to met real-world problems.


Let's work together to build a perfect fleet of robots for your business

We build robots to maximize your top-line numbers and bottom-line numbers.

  • Bespoke design. Let your robots represent your values and brand.

  • Available 24/7

  • Provide actionable social "GPS"

  • Cost-effective

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